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General questions

What is the Toer de Geuze?

The Toer de Geuze is a biennial public event centred around lambic and geuze beers, putting the craftsmanship of the lambic brewers and geuze blenders of the Pajottenland and the Zenne Valley in the spotlight. Lambic brewers and geuze blenderies open their doors for a whole weekend.  The two-day event is organised by HORAL (The High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers). 

Who is HORAL?

The ‘Hoge Raad voor Ambachtelijke Lambiekbieren’ (HORAL, High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers) was founded in 1997. The non-profit association unites most of the Flemish and Walloon Brabant lambic breweries and geuze blenders. The association promotes traditional lambic beers, especially Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek, and also takes initiatives to protect these beers. HORAL is the organiser of the biannual Toer de Geuze.

Which beer producers are participating?

11 lambic breweries and geuze blenders are participating in the Toer de Geuze At Home event: Boon Brewery, De Oude Cam Blendery, De Troch Brewery, Den Herberg Brewery, Hanssens Artisanaal Blendery, Lambiek Fabriek Brewery, Lindemans Brewery, Mort Subite Brewery, Oud Beersel Blendery, Tilquin Blendery and Timmermans Brewery.

What is the difference between a brewery and a blendery?

A lambic brewer brews the wort for the lambic beers he produces himself, whereas a blender buys wort from a lambic brewer. The further production process is identical: both let the lambic mature on wooden barrels and blend (mix) lambic of different ages (usually from 3 months to 3 years), to let it mature further, within the bottle.

What is the Megablend?

Since 2009, a special Oude Geuze has been created for each of the Toer de Geuze events: the HORAL Megablend. The Megablend 2021 is a blend of young and old lambic contributed by all the HORAL members: Boon, De Cam, De Troch, Hanssens, Tilquin, Lambiek Fabriek, Lindemans, Mort Subite, Oud Beersel and Timmermans. This year’s Limited Edition will be launched on the weekend of the Toer de Geuze. 

Where can I buy lambic beers?

Watching the videos might have whet your appetite for a cold, delicious beer or perhaps you’d like to taste one of the numerous lambic beers on the market? Here are some suggestions of where you can purchase lambic beer where you are.  

Questions about the lambic round table

What is the Lambic Round Table?

As part of the upcoming Toer de Geuze
celebrations, HORAL is introducing
a new event called The Lambic Round
Table which takes place on Friday 29
April 2022 at 20:00 CET.
During The Lambic Round Table,
Lambic personalities will sit down to
discuss key issues relating to Lambic’s
history, culture, and production.

Where can I find the programme of the Lambic Round Table?

The full programme for the Lambic Round Table is available here.

In which language will the event take place?

The Lambic Round Table will  be in English.

Is registration required for the Lambic Round Table?

Registration is not necessary. Just let us know if you want to join us via the Facebook event. Stay up to date with Toer de Geuze At Home Live Sessions via Facebook or Instagram.

What equipment do I need to watch the livestream?

To watch the live stream, you need a smartphone, tablet or computer. This device must have an up-to-date internet browser. To avoid any streaming issues, it is advised that you ensure access to a good internet connection, and would suggest connection via a superfast WiFi, a 4G connection or a fixed cable.

Will the Lambic Round Table be recorded?

During the weekend of the Toer de Geuze, the Lambic Round Table can be viewed on-demand on our website. 

Can I cast the livestream to my TV?

You can watch the livestream on your TV via various options: an HDMI cable in your laptop, via the web browser on your TV or via a Chromecast.

You cannot directly cast from the player to your TV, but you can use the cast functionality in Google Chrome on your computer (right click on the web page -> cast). On your smartphone, you can use apps such as Web video caster.

What should I do if the live stream does not start?

Refresh the web page.

What should I do if the live stream is stuttering or freezing?

Check if your internet connection is stable. If you use wireless internet, it may help to use a cable.

Normally, the quality of the stream adapts automatically to your internet connection. You can also manually increase or decrease the quality in the video player by clicking on the cogwheel at the bottom (right side) and choosing a quality.

What if I don’t hear any sound?

When opening the page, the video plays automatically, but a message appears telling you to click on the player to activate the sound.

At the bottom of the player (right side), a volume bar allows to adjust the volume.

You can also mute tabs in your browser by right-clicking on them. Check that the tab of the live stream is not muted.

If you still don’t hear anything, check if you have sound from another source on your computer. If that doesn’t work either, try another device.


Who to contact if I have questions during the Lambic Round Table?

Please send an e-mail to help@bitstream.studio

Do you have any other questions?

Send a message via the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

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